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16th Nov 2021

The do's and don't of a podcast title.

Following my introductory post last week, I was given several questions and topics to cover (feel free to send more my way!) and today I’ll be talking show titles.

Firstly, names in titles.

Think carefully about where you put the names of your guests.

Do you actually need them in the episode title? How many people would see the name ‘Terry Cook’ and think that it’s a must listen episode? How many would be turned off because they have no idea who this person is? If I was interviewed for a driving instructor podcast, it might well be worth having my name on the title as I’m known in that field. But on a podcast about making cheesecake, not so much.

Should you opt to have the guest name in the title, put it at the end.

Start your episode title by telling people what the show is actually about. That’s what will draw most people in.  ‘The worlds greatest cheesecake, with Terry Cook.’

And take your own name out of any episode titles.

If you want your name front and centre, put it in the title of the podcast. If you have fans, they’ll find you anyway, they don’t need to read that you’re talking to X or Y.

Use the title to tell people what the episode is about.

Telling people what the show is about will help people decide whether to listen or not when they’re glancing through episodes.

Stating what the show is about will also help with SEO, podcast apps are essentially search engines. By putting keywords into titles, you will give your episode more chance to come up in searches for that topic.

If you search for driving instructor on apple podcasts, the first result that comes up in ‘The Instructor Podcast.’ Mainly because I continually keep using the words driving instructor.

Never be afraid to specify what your show actually is and don’t lead people in with false promises.

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